We need someone who will stand up to Obama...not go along with his immigration plan or his push for expanded trade authority. INSIST ON SOMEONE WHO DEFENDS CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES!
  • 62% of GOP voters say they want a Speaker who fights for conservative principles, according to an AP poll.
  • 93% of GOP voters oppose Ryan on immigration, a recent Pew poll indicates.
  • According to Breitbart, "In 2013, while aggressively stumping for Rubio's immigration plan, Ryan called for the implementation of open borders immigration policies which would allow for the legal and free movement of foreign labor and foreign goods across national boundaries."
The House will soon be voting on Boehner's replacement, and for others in House leadership. Conservatives have a historic opportunity to take back the House of Representatives and install principled leadership – those who will honor their oath and listen to their constituents.

The following standouts are possibilities for leadership in the House:

Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida – former speaker of the Florida House who has been endorsed by 80% of the U.S. House Freedom Caucus to replace Boehner.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio – chair of the House Freedom Caucus and former chair of Republican Study Committee, who has long been touted by conservatives as a possible successor to Boehner.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas – chair of the House Financial Services Committee and former chair of the House Republican Conference, who, like Jordan, is frequently mentioned for the Speakership.

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina – who set the stage for Boehner's resignation by introducing a "resolution to vacate the chair" in July, forcing a showdown after the August recess.

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas – outspoken Tea Party Caucus member who was among the first congressmen to challenge Boehner for Speaker last January.

Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia – who defeated Majority Leader Eric Cantor last year and is a rising conservative star in his own right; would be an outstanding leader in some role in the House.

...and many others.

WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER "ESTABLISHMENT" REPUBLICAN FOR SPEAKER LIKE PAUL RYAN – who supports open borders, led the fight to give Obama sweeping new trade authority, and now plans to make it harder to remove a House Speaker by gutting Thomas Jefferson's longstanding rule to "Vacate the Chair."

From now until the House elects new leadership, your representative needs to hear from you.

DEMAND that your representative vote in favor of the best conservative leadership available. We need immediately to flood Capitol Hill AND home district offices with PHONE CALLS, EMAILS, FAXES, and SOCIAL MEDIA with a unified voice: GIVE US A STRONG CONSERVATIVE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE – someone who will lead with courage and not cave to pressure from Democrats or the media – AND GIVE US EQUALLY STRONG CONSERVATIVE LIEUTENANTS under him.


WE ARE THE VOTERS who, on November 4, gave the Republican Party a majority in both chambers of the 114th Congress, with a MANDATE TO STOP THE LAWLESS USURPER, BARACK OBAMA, and his unconstitutional, tyrannical "transformation" of America.

Yet, time and time again, House leadership has BETRAYED the American people by siding with Obama and the Democrats, while cooperating with the spineless Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, in that capitulation.

Unless we get markedly better leadership in the House, Obama will continue to dismantle our country with only token, impotent resistance from Republicans.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: WE NEED A REAL LEADER AS SPEAKER – NOT A DOORMAT FOR OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, HARRY REID, OR MITCH MCCONNELL! And we need BETTER SUBORDINATE LEADERS – not those prone to "politics as usual"! There are many decent members of Congress available to lead who will respect the electorate and are willing to stand up for America.

We must demand new congressional leadership who will fight for us!

If ANYTHING is EVER to change in Washington, we need YOU to help us by being unremitting in your demands for accountability and responsiveness from House Republicans – NOW!

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